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Shaman Cholla Cactus - Ritual Rattler

Shaman Cholla Cactus - Ritual Rattler

Cholla Cactus Shamanic Ritual Rattle

This Cholla Cactus rattle has 10 hooves and deer dew claws suspended on 9 deerskin fringes which are attached to a ram horn and fused to a piece of cholla cactus. It has a deer skin sewn to its handle. The rattle measures approximately 17" long 7.5" wide x 5". The hoof fringes hang 7" when held upright.

Deer hoof rattles have been used for centuries to achieve an altered state of mind, for shamanic journeying, for spiritual, ceremonial, and healing purposes, and to invoke spirits.

This unique, one-of-a-kind deer rattle would make a great addition to any ritual art collection. Would make a wonderful addition to any Vólva or Seiðr Viking soothsayer costume. It's intended for ceremonial use however, it would look great displayed on a wall or in a display case.