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Frequently Asked Questions:

Custom and personalized orders:

Do you do special requests, embellish specific animal skulls or objects with gemstones of my choosing?

Yes! Of course. We also do special hand painted designs and artwork on skulls of your choosing. Feel free to contact us to work out the specifics. You may find what interests you by browsing our portfolio on Instagram Here

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]

Phone (720) 933-3330

Wholesale availability:

At this time Madame Macabre's does not produce wholesale quantities however we, have been known to track down various animal skulls for our customers at discounted prices. Please Inquire within.

Are your animal skulls/bones acquired by a cruelty free wholesaler?

Yes. At Madame Macabre's we honor all domestic animals and wildlife. We take very seriously how we source our animal skulls and bones. Our company culture is to always be mindful so we therefore make every attempt to acquire our bones from ethical and cruelty free venders.


Is it legal for me to own an embellished animal skull/bones from Madame Macabre's?

Laws regarding ownership of animal remains vary by state. It is the buyers responsibility to know and be in compliance with the Local US laws and regulations regarding the ownership of animal remains.


Do you ship items outside of the US?:

Yes, we do ship outside of the US after researching specific laws of your area. Laws regarding animal remains vary by country and species but we'd gladly do the research for you. Please contact us for more info.

Care Instructions:

All items at Madame Macabre's are hand made which means they must be handled with TLC.
***Keep all items away from moisture, water and direct sunlight***