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Crystallized - Bone Skeleton Key

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Crystallized - Bone Skeleton Key

Crystallized Bone Skeleton Key.

These unique keys were created by fusing coyote foot bone metatarsals and bobcat toe-bones together to make a single key. Each key was hand painted black and coated with a sparkling metallic glaze.

Two color options are available at check out. RVB - Red/Violet/Blue Dragonfly Glaze and GRV - Gold/Red/Violet Dragonfly glaze. Each key was embellished with carborundum, titanium quartz and aura quartz crystals.

From left to right ..

RVB with Light Blue/Purple Aura Quartz.
GRV with Green Aura Quartz.
GRV with Violet Aura Quartz. RVB with Dark Blue Titanium Quartz.

Select your favorite in the drop down menu.