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Ogham Coyote Foot Bone - Runes

Ogham Coyote Foot Bone - Runes

Coyote foot bone metatarsal - Celtic Ogham Runes.

Our 25 piece set of Ogham runes are made from real coyote foot bone metatarsals.

Each Ogham Rune was carefully etched with a razor tip, pyrography pen. They average 2"- 3.5" in length .25" wide so they are easy to cast and carry. The set comes contained in a black velvet satchel.

Ogham is an Early Medieval alphabet used primarily to write the early Irish language, and later the Old Irish language. There are roughly 400 surviving orthodox inscriptions on stone monuments throughout Ireland and western Britain, the bulk of which are in southern Munster.

Ogham is the oldest known form of written Irish; “Gaelic”. But many Pagans use these ancient symbols as tools of divination much like runes are used today.

The Ogham alphabet is believed to be a part of an older Druid language, perhaps dating back to the first century BC.

*** All our animal bones and skulls are ethically sourced from cruelty free venders. Visit our FAQ page for more information. ***