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Copper Bat - Wind Spinner

Copper Bat - Wind Spinner

The Original Copper Bat Wind Catcher Wind Spinner.

These mesmerizing copper Bat Sculpture Wind Catchers were designed by American artist Randy Martin who has been designing copper wind spinners here in Texas for over 20 years. These beautiful art sculptures spin with any hint of wind and capture beautiful colors in the process. You’ll sit for hours watching the prismatic colors dance in the sunlight. It measure 12” x 10" x 4" and is attached to an 8” copper, marble enclosed, extension hook. Together they make a beautiful outdoor garden decoration.

Each individual piece is hand made and hand cut with an oxygen acetylene torch to give it a rough bubbled edge and organic feel so that no two are alike.

Randy’s wind spinners recently went viral after we published photos and videos on Etsy and on our website. Sadly, scam web sites have recently stolen photos and videos claiming they produce and sell our copyrighted product so we have now taken it upon ourselves to watermark our images. The only place to order the original Copper Spinners are on Etsy or our website. Be wary of scams artists that claim they have our product our spinners are made from solid copper and Randy’s workmanship unmatched!!