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Auburn Yellow Spirit Quartz & Amber - Antler Crown

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Auburn Yellow Spirit Quartz & Amber - Antler Crown

This magnificent Auburn stained antler crown is embellished with beautiful vibrant Yellow Spirit Quartz, dyed Honey Suckle Quartz and Amber chips.
It measures 9.5 X 8” X 4.5” 6.3 inch diameter. 17.5” circumstance. A perfect adornment and accessory for weddings, arrangements and renaissance fantasy or fairy attire.

*** all items on this website can be recreated and are available for special order if the item has been marked “SOLD OUT” However, due to the natural variation of crystals formations and organics expect there to be subtle differences in appearance than what is seen in the photo above. All special orders can be placed through our web portal. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your request***

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